If you have already taken your small business and brand online by getting yourself a website, Congratulations!

Technology changes so fast these days and with everything on the web getting updated  – like everyday – it doesn’t take long for your website to become obsolete if it is not being updated.

Updating your website may mean different things for different businesses and their websites. It could mean:

A Redesign: If your website was built 4 or more years ago and has not been updated or redesigned since then, it may have become obsolete! This is because since your site went online, more people now access online businesses using mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, etc. than they use the traditional desktop or laptop (PC). This means that your website has to be responsive to cater to the ever-increasing patronage derived from users of mobile devices.

Essentially, your website must be responsive…aka optimized for all devices. If this is not the case, your website may need a redesign.

Regular Updates: Websites are like living things and are made up of different systems each needing care. The updates may be in relation to:

  • The theme that is the basics for how your site looks
  • The plugins or softwares that make your site function effectively
  • Content such as text, images, video that sell what your business has to offer.

When regular updates are neglected, your site performance is negatively affected.

Some Obvious Signs That Your Website Needs An Update

1. It looks weird on mobile devices

Your site may appear great on a PC but appear weird or broken when viewed on a mobile device. If your site is not mobile friendly, you should find help ASAP because you are losing business to your competitors!

2. Your site loads “veeery slooowly”!

This is the fast-paced digital age, and everyone is in a hurry. If your website has slowed down to a crawl, you are losing customers! If it takes longer than 3 seconds to load your website, find help! A slow website will hurt your Google search rankings and hurt your business.

3. There is no social media interaction

In an age of social media, your website should be closely integrated with your social media platform. A well planned social media integration and management should lead to increased client engagement and increased sales.

If this is not the case, your website needs an update.

4. No new content in a long while

As I mentioned earlier, your website is like a living object and it needs to stay fresh to remain relevant. This could mean regularly updating content, creating a blog and adding fresh content now and then. Are the text contents on your site accurate? What is a business website if it does not reflect what the business does today? Not yesterday, not last year, but TODAY?

Search engines love new content. If you want to improve your rankings, keep your site fresh!

5. Your bounce rate is high

Bounce rates show the percentage of visitors who leave after viewing just one page on your site. If your bounce rate is high, it may mean that visitors are not getting engaged i.e they are not looking around long enough to give you their business or attention. The reason for this could be that your site is not delivering value to them, or is not user-friendly.

6. You cannot make simple updates yourself

As web technology improves, it also becomes simpler for the average Joe to interact with. Newer websites built with a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress, make it easier for non-programmers to make simple updates to their sites.

The ability to update your website is very important as it means that you or your staff can edit text content, add images, post articles, etc. very easily. This will keep your site fresh, dynamic and profitable at a lower cost.

Are you thinking about updating or redesigning your website? Feel free to contact us at Winnipeg Web Solutions. We would be happy to assist you!

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